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Important Notes:

  • Our Butlers are home service professionals and will ensure your 100% Satisfaction before they leave the job site.
  • Transpo fees may apply for selected locations.
  • Prices may still change depending on the actual assessment of the Butlers upon their visit. The Butlers will ensure that they clearly brief you on any change for your approval before they can proceed with the job.
  • If you have a budget you would like to follow, please feel free to click on the “Get an Estimate” button above.
  • If you don’t find your applicable location, please click on the “Get an Estimate” above.

Best to get an estimate instead if:

  • Your location is not included in the list.
  • You have a set budget you wish to work within for your project.
  • Your project is a major one, i.e. Renovations, Roof Replacements, etc.
  • You are just canvassing and would like to know how much you will have to raise for your dream project.