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Garage and Porch Cleaning

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Where you keep your car is often the most neglected part of the house since, well, it’s outside. A garage often doubles as storage for things that you don’t want inside the house. Things like clothes you haven’t used in 3 years but don’t want to let go, your children’s old bikes, sports equipment that garnered dust, or handyman tools you use for minor repairs around the house. Before you know it, your garage has turned into a chaotic mess. 

Cleaning your garage is just as important as cleaning your house.  It will do a lot to prevent pests from settling in your home. Unattended piles of junk are pests’ favorite places to build their home, and if you keep your garage clean and tidy regularly, you’ll be doing yourself a favor in the long run. 

With our Garage and Porch Cleaning Service, we’ll deploy 2 -3 butlers equipped with a power washer, cleaning tools, and trash bags. 

Our Garage and Porch Cleaning Service includes:
• Vacuuming of Porch/Garage area including the use of a blower
• Scrubbing of Porch/Garage floor with detergent
• Power Washing of Porch/Garage floor area
• Rinsing and drying of Porch/Garage floor area
• Organizing of contents in open shelves or cabinets (for Garages only)

Our Gararge and Porch Cleaning Service fees are:

1-2 Car Porch                Php   999.00
3-4 Car Porch               Php 1,999.00
1-2 Car Garage             Php 1,400.00
3-4 Car Garage            Php 2,800.00