Mr. Butler

Furniture Assembly / Installation

Furniture Assembly and Installation Hero Image

Has this ever happened to you? Your new furniture just arrived, and after unpacking and reading the instructions, you end up more confused than ever?

Or you’ve been wanting to create that extra space in your living room by mounting your flat-screen TV to the wall?

Let Mr. Butler make your home improvement project smooth and painless! With our Furniture Assembly/Installation service, our expert handyman will use top-of-the-line equipment and tools. You can be assured that your framed painting is perfectly level or that your new furniture is not missing a piece. 

Our fixed Furniture Assembly/Installation Handyman Services include:

Cabinet hinges and handles (per cabinet)                         Php   600.00
Shelf Installation (per shelf)                                                    Php   600.00
Curtain Rod Installation                                                           Php   600.00 (₱100.00/succeeding rod) 
Wall Decor Installation (minimum of 3 frames/items)    Php   600.00
TV Wall Mounting                                                                      Starts at Php 1,200.00
Ikea Furniture Assembly                                                          Starts at Php 600.00
Furniture Assembly                                                                   Starts at Php 600.00
Cabinet Installation                                                                   Starts at Php 600.00

For all other furniture assembly or installation service requests, please contact us to receive a quote based on your needs.