About Us

our story

Your story is a lot like the story of Marie.

Marie is a hardworking mom juggling work and running her household. She is happily married with 2 lovely daughters. Like most Moms, Marie is bogged down by endless to-do lists from work and home. She enjoys being a mom and serving her family. However, she wishes that time spent on chores and errands be used to spend time with her family.

Maintaining a household is not easy.

As more and more Filipinos become occupied with work and earning a living, finding time to do household chores has become a challenge. The continuous balancing act can often leave you exhausted and depleted, left with no energy to play with your kids or spend time with family.

We exist to serve.

We provide home maintenance services to busy and hardworking professionals so YOU can focus on family moments that matter.

Mr. Butler believes everybody deserves more time with family. We’ll take care of your home so YOU can spend more time with your family.


Empower our clients to take back their freedom from countless chores so they can focus their time and energy on what matters most to them

Instill professionalism in our butlers, working with dignity and passion for what they do


To be the trusted name in home maintenance services, helping 1M Filipino Homeowners create a happy home for their family by 2030.