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Electrical Works

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You’ve been dying to get started on your Home Improvement project with the new Pin Lights you bought that go along with your modern-minimalist chandelier. Problem: You’ve been spending hours finding the right people to do this delicate task. 

Finding the right electrician to install these for you can be a tedious task. You need to make sure they have the right tools and that the electrical work is done right so it would not cause a fire. An experienced Handyman can give you that peace of mind.

With Mr. Butler, our trustworthy and professional handymen are vetted thoroughly and are highly experienced in their line of work. Our electrical work service uses top-of-the-line equipment and comes with warranty and insurance coverage. You’ll have the peace of mind that it’s done right. 

The price includes the tools & equipment for the job. Materials will be for the account of the client. The client may provide the materials or he/she may ask our servicemen to buy them. We recommend letting the Servicemen buy the materials so they can choose exactly the materials they need for the job. The client will have to provide them with the money and they will liquidate it with official receipts from the store. The waiting time or the time buying the materials from the stores is considered billable hours.

The 2 hours will start upon the arrival of the servicemen. The Lead Serviceman will assess the jobs to be done and brief the client of the works required, a list of materials, and his estimated hours to complete the job. If in case the Servicemen are required to return the next day due to factors, not within their control, the base fee for 2 hours will once again apply. If you have any questions about the service fees, please send us a message here or you may call at 09267419295.

Lighting Fixture Replacement
Pin/LED Light Replacement
Wall Switches/Socket Replacement
Doorbell Replacement
Doorbell Installation (with electrical wiring)
Wall Switch/Socket Installation (with electrical wiring)
Ceiling or Wall Fan Installation
Circuit Breaker Installation/Repair

For all other electrical work service requests, please contact us to receive a quote based on your needs.