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Electrical Work

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You’ve been dying to get started on your Home Improvement project with the new Pin Lights you bought that go along with your modern-minimalist chandelier. Problem: You’ve been spending hours finding the right people to do this delicate task. 

Finding the right electrician to install these for you can be a tedious task. You need to make sure they have the right tools and that the electrical work is done right so it would not cause a fire. An experienced Handyman can give you that peace of mind.

With Mr. Butler, our trustworthy and professional handymen are vetted thoroughly and are highly experienced in their line of work. Our electrical work service uses top-of-the-line equipment and comes with warranty and insurance coverage. You’ll have the peace of mind that it’s done right. 

Our fixed Electrical Work Services include:

Lighting Fixture Replacement                                                Php   900.00
Pin/LED Light Replacement                                                    Php   900.00
Wall Switches/Socket Replacement                                      Php   900.00
Doorbell Replacement                                                              Php   900.00
Doorbell Installation (with electrical wiring)                       Php  1,500.00
Wall Switch/Socket Installation (with electrical wiring)   Php  1,500.00
Ceiling or Wall Fan Installation                                               Php  1,200.00
Circuit Breaker Installation/Repair                                        Php  2,400.00
Air Conditioning Unit Installation Starts at                         Php 2,400.00

For all other electrical work service requests, please contact us to receive a quote based on your needs.