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Upholstery Cleaning

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Maintaining a healthy home means removing all dirt, bacteria, or dust mites that may be hiding in your furniture (or carpet) causing allergies or respiratory illnesses for you and your family.

Regular Upholstery cleaning will improve health & air quality, prolong the life & improve the look of your upholstered furniture, and remove unpleasant odors from your furniture.

Our Upholstery cleaning service includes vacuuming and steaming of upholstered furniture using top-of-the-line equipment.

Service Fees:

Upholstered Furniture
3 Seater Couch/Sofa                     Php    750.00
4 Seater Couch/Sofa                    Php  1,000.00
6 Seater L-shaped Sofa               Php  1,500.00
Armchair (per piece)                    Php    250.00
Dining Chair (per piece)              Php    150.00
Bed Headboard                            Php    500.00 – 1,000.00

– Shampooing per Couch/Sofa         Php 500.00
– Shampooing per chair                     Php 250.00

Upholstered Baby Furniture
Playpen                                               Php  500.00
Stroller                                                 Php  650.00
Crib (28”x 52”)                                    Php  600.00
Crib (40”x 60”)                                   Php  800.00
Car seat                                               Php  750.00

Twin size (39×80)                               Php 1,000.00
Double/Queen size (60×80)           Php 1,600.00
King size (72×84)                               Php 1,900.00

– Shampooing per Mattress Php 500.00

Carpet Cleaning Service

Our Carpet Cleaning Service includes vacuuming & steaming to clean & disinfect and shampooing to remove carpet stains.

Thin Nylon/Polyester Carpet with minor stains        Php 150.00 per sqm
Plush/Thick Polyester/Wool/Velvet  Carpet                Php 250.00 per sqm
Carpets with deep-seated stains*                                 Php 250.00 per sqm

* Will require pull-out to be cleaned at the main office, may require 2-4 cycles of washing & drying