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5 Reasons to Avoid Fly-by-night Service Providers

Fly-by-night service providers are unregistered businesses. Yes, their services are definitely way cheaper. But many of them behave unprofessionally; they are untrained; they have no service warranty; they don’t comply with safety protocols, and they have no insurance. 

The Philippines have a fairly huge number of blue-collar workers. Hence, the supply of labor workers is high. This is the reason why fly-by-night service providers are very common in the Philippines. Most of the homeowners or residents turn to this pool for any of their house needs to save money. However, those days when you can easily get reliable and trustworthy workers to help you around the house are already a thing of the past. I can’t count the number of times I heard stories of workers cheating our clients before they got to know Mr. Butler. Of course, there are still out there who respect their craft and perform their duties very well despite being unregistered. But, that’s the catch. You will just have to leave it to chance and pray they don’t cheat or leave you hanging.

Nowadays, there are 5 reasons to avoid fly-by-night service providers. 

1. They have no service warranty

A service warranty is important. 100% perfect job delivery in the service industry cannot be guaranteed due to several factors. Anyone who will claim they can guarantee perfect delivery every time is either naive or straight out lying. But in instances when services were not delivered satisfactorily, it is in your best interest that you can rest assured that your service provider will come back to fix the problem for you free of service charge. You can only be confident about this if you have a contract with a service provider clearly stipulating the service warranty. With a fly-by-night service provider, there is normally no contract whatsoever.

2. Fly-by-night Service Providers have no insurance

In the home maintenance industry as in many other industries, accidents are real. They can happen anytime and no amount of protocols and prevention can completely eliminate this risk. It is important to have insurance in place to manage any exposure to this risk. You definitely want your service provider to be able to fix any damage to your property when the accident happens. How much more (may God forbid) if the accident affects a life.

3. Fly-by-night Service Providers have no business registration.

Fly-by-night service providers are unregistered. No third party regulates them. You are not assured that a third party vouches for their credibility and identity. No government agency checks upon them to ensure that their service practices are safe and consider public health and safety. You may also be well aware that they don’t pay taxes. Taxes are an important part of any civilization. Through your taxes and the taxes your service providers pay, infrastructures and public services can be improved.

4. Fly-by-night Service Providers don’t get proper training in Customer Service, Safety, and their core technical skills.

Training and development are very important in the service industry. People are people. Even the most skilled worker cannot guarantee that they will not commit any mistake during their work. It is important that workers undergo continuous improvements through regular trainings and refreshers to make sure they deliver a quality service in a more reliable and consistent manner.

5. Fly-by-night Service Providers are not well-vetted

Unless that worker is your relative or someone you have already known for a long time, most of the fly-by-night service providers are strangers to us. A company is responsible to put in place mechanisms to do background checks and verification of the identity of its people. It is a systematic and organized procedure that is quite important to ensure the safety of its clients. Without a registered business to back them up, you as the client has to do these steps to ensure your own safety. If you don’t do these extra steps before hiring a fly-by-night service provider, be prepared to deal with workers that can cheat or even harm you.

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