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Five Tips in Organizing your Linen Closet

Like any homeowner, we dream of a closet that is perpetually clean, organized, and smelling fresh. In reality, because of our very hectic schedule, keeping a closet full of bed sheets, pillowcases, and linens organized can only last you a week, maybe less. 

Here are five #closetorganization tips to save space in your closet, prolong the life of your beddings, and find items effortlessly!

1. Place matching fitted or flat sheets and pillowcases in one pillowcase.

Insert your sheet sets inside a matching pillowcase to keep all the pieces together. This way, you don’t have to scour through your entire closet to look for bed linens that match. You can stack them side by side on your shelves to keep your closet tidy.

2. Mix up rolling and folding.

The way you fold, roll, stack, and store your towels and linens can make a difference. Instead of just folding and stacking your linen collection in a pile, roll your largest bath towels and bath sheets to save shelf space. Since towels are used frequently, it’s best to keep them front and center. Stack towels with the folded edge facing out so you can get any towel without collapsing the stack. Proper folding and storing can make your closet well-kept and makes it easier for any family member to grab any item.

3. Maximize the floor space under beds, in closets, or other areas of the house.

Find bins that take up as much of the floor space under your beds as possible, such as under-bed storage drawers or plastic bins. Use the top of a bin’s lid as another shelf to maximize vertical space in your closet. You can also use a decorative furniture piece like a vintage or antique trunk or a storage ottoman to store beddings and comforters.

4. Coordinate Bins and Baskets.

Use one color for your bins and baskets to make your linen closet look tidy, providing an overall cohesive look for your linen closet. Choosing a similar style, either woven baskets or metal bins, can also keep it in uniform order. Opt for transparent plastic or acrylic bins if you prefer to see what’s in each container. It will keep items organized and offer a neat view. You can opt for color-coordinated labels for the bins to easily see what goes in where.

5. Use vacuum-compressed storage bags to store linens and beddings you rarely use

Vacuum compression bags have become popular because of their space-saving benefits. Invest in a quality vacuum pump and compression bags to store linens, duvets, and comforters you don’t use regularly.  Beddings and seasonal duvets stored in vacuum-sealed bags prevent moisture from getting in, keep them in mint condition, and free up space in your closets. These can also prevent mold and mildew from accumulating and keep your linens smelling fresh.

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