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How to Organize a Small Bedroom

Are you one of the many Filipinos who lives in small spaces shared by a multitude of family members? If so, then you understand how organizing a small room is important to keep your things together without occupying too much space, right? Most Filipinos love keeping things with sentimental value, but they just add to the clutter. Let go of your high school books and clear up some space by following these simple tips on how to organize a small bedroom.

Use a double deck

If you live with someone else in one tiny bedroom, setting up a double deck will be the right option for your choice of comfort. Not only will it give you some needed privacy, but double decks also provide you with some extra space because it uses the extra space overhead. 

A double deck is not the prettiest type of bed out there, but its functionality and efficiency are needed. If you live alone, you can always take the second bed down and keep it until you need it again. You can hide it under the bed since most double decks have a spacious area underneath.

Hide things under your bed

With that being said, you can also hide many things under the bed, most especially things you don’t need to use on a daily basis. This includes beddings, shoes, books, stools, and many more. This will hide the clutter while keeping the space to good use. Meanwhile, for those you don’t need anymore, throw them away.

Declutter your closet

We love keeping old clothes hoping to be able to wear them soon. But let’s face it; we don’t get to use most of the items in our closets. It’s either we forget about them or we simply don’t fit in them anymore! So instead of piling up more pieces of clothing that you know, you will never wear, any piece that you have outgrown already, you can sell or donate them. Use the extra space by organizing your bags or by keeping your beddings there.

Use your wall 

Get yourself some organizers that you can stick to the wall! Build shelves where you can place your books or other items, hanging wall organizers which can be used to hang your undergarments and socks, and hooks for your keys. You can be creative in choosing the right wall decors that can be useful as well. Your things will not only look organized but cute, too!

Invest in drawers

Drawers are essential in keeping random objects in place so getting one is very essential. However, if your space can’t handle additional furniture, reconsider installing additional shelves so you can use the walls instead of the floor space. 

Buy plenty of hangers

Every closet must have a built-in rack where you can hang your clothes, right? This means that you can keep more clothes in your closet without using too much space. Hanging your clothes requires minimum space unlike folding them. So invest in good hangers to clear up some more space in your closet. You can also use hangers to hang your accessories!

Keep your room tidy

Small bedrooms are not the problem; it is keeping too many unnecessary items untidy. Another tip is by cleaning your room regularly. This will help clear spaces such as the floor, desks, and bed, and not be bothered by any more clutter. Keep your room organized by maintaining the orderliness of the room.

Clip your cords

If you love using your gadget but can’t seem to keep away with all the charging cords that are scattered everywhere, use binder clips and clip them on your desk. This will allow you to secure your cables while keeping them in place. 

Use a hanging laundry hamper

Laundry hampers take too much space in our small bedroom so use the back of your door to hang a laundry hamper! Also, wash your clothes regularly so you won’t have to deal with too many unwashed clothes scattered all over the place.

Use a cork wall for your jewels

Keeping your jewelry in your drawers can sometimes take up too much space, and keeping them in one tiny container could just coil them together. Decorate them by sticking a big cork wall on your wall and use pins to secure your accessories. This way, you won’t have to struggle with finding a particular item coiled together with another, or worse, losing some along the way. This is also a cute way to showcase your nice accessories.

Add more hooks

You just can’t get too many hooks in your bedroom because you need them! Hooks are very efficient. They are small but they can handle heavy items such as thick jackets, shoes, and bags. You can even use hooks to place your accessories, headphones, keys, tank tops, and many more. Use as many hooks in your room because they are a 100% space saver.

Install a wall/ceiling fan

Every Filipino home has at least one electric fan in a room. It is how in the country so you can’t live without one. Fans can sometimes be very bulky and they eat up too much space. So to keep your tiny room well-ventilated while saving more open space, install wall or ceiling fans. Or better yet, install an air conditioner! 

Get rid of shoeboxes

Most Filipinos love keeping their shoeboxes to protect their shoes but guess what, they only eat up your room space. Get rid of all your bulky and dusty shoeboxes and just hang your shoes instead. As mentioned, you can also keep them under your bed just to keep your eyes away from them. Doing so will solve your problems with having to deal with so much clutter in your room.

Whether you have big or small rooms, keeping these tips is essentially useful to you. Hopefully, this list will help in keeping your room spacious, tidy, and organized to allow proper air circulation and stress-free life.

Another thing, when you just can’t handle organizing your bedroom anymore, know that help is available. Talk to us and let us assist you as you organize your bedroom and your house as a whole. 

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