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PEAP Welcomes Mr. Butler Home Services as its New Member

After much careful screening of legal documents, site evaluation, and interview, finally, on May 26, 2022, Mr. Butler Home Services is sworn, duly represented by its founder and owner, Mr. Aaron Gallanosa, as a member of the Pest Exterminators Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PEAP). This momentous event was held in Tiendesitas, Ortigas East, Pasig, Metro Manila.

PEAP is a respectable organization that started on one summer day in March 1979. Its sole mission is to assist, regulate, monitor, and develop its members in the pest control arena professionally, morally, socially, and responsibly through vital professional pest control training, regular meetings on the latest pest control products and methodologies, accreditation, active social community pest management related participation and advocacy of attainable environmental protection guidelines.

PEAP, as an association of duly licensed pest control operators, envisions the association to be at the forefront of protecting the health and environment of Filipino consumers through professional, effective, and responsible use of the Philippine government’s designated agency-registered pest management products, methodologies, and related technologies, to promote the safety and protection of the general public and the globally-challenged environment.

Consistent with the mission and vision of PEAP, Mr. Butler Home Service is committed to professionalizing the blue-collar workers not only in the pest control industry but in the other industries that deal with property improvements and maintenance.

Joining esteemed organizations such as PEAP supports Mr. Butler’s advocacy in upgrading its services to its clients. On the other hand, it also ensures that Mr. Butler is made accountable and aware of its responsibilities with the proper organization monitoring and guiding it.

To find out more about PEAP, please check out their website at: https://peap.info/

Opening prayer during the ceremony:
“Dear All Powerful and Almighty Father, we praise and worship you today. We offer everything to you all that we have. Thank you for this wonderful day. Thank you for allowing us to gather here today for the 5th General Membership Meeting of PEAP. May we ask for Your blessing and guidance so that the activities set for this undertaking be successful. We ask you to open our eyes to see the wonderful things from this meeting. We ask that you open our ears so that we may retain the invaluable knowledge to be shared here today. Open our minds for us to think wisely. Give us understanding, cooperation, and peace in fulfilling our responsibilities to you and the people we serve. Open our hearts so that we may receive Your everlasting love. And open our spirit so that we may know that you are with us all throughout the day. We ask all these in the name of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.”

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