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What you Need to Know about Cockroaches

Cockroaches are not just disgusting but they also cause annoyance and phobia to people. And rightly so, it is for valid reasons. They are mechanical carriers of disease-causing micro-organisms. These insects are nocturnal in nature. They hide during the day in dark corners, crevices, drawers, loose woodwork, cabinets, cupboards, under the sink, latrines and other undisturbed places. At night, they move around searching for food and water.

The presence of cockroaches in a house or any property is usually seen as an indication that the property is not properly maintained, cleaned, or sanitized. This is usually true. However, cockroaches just simply stay where there is sufficient food source. This is the reason why it is not a surprise to see them in even the most luxurious hotels, offices, restaurants, houses, and other establishments. 

Cockroaches regurgitate a fluid material containing a persistent roach odor which may accidentally be introduced to our food. Their distribution to various geographical areas is easily facilitated through commerce, hiding in crates, cardboard boxes, and other suitable containers. The characteristic roach odor which exudes from their abdominal scent glands and the dark-colored liquid which they regurgitate apprise us of their presence. Their fecal pellets are equally obnoxious and an eyesore. Cockroaches have been known to be purveyors of common germs that cause plague, cholera and the salmonella organisms have been recovered in the fecal material of infected roaches in viable and highly virulent forms. They can gnaw off our fingernails.

Older control method used is with a bait prepared by mixing thoroughly equal parts of powdered boric acid and sugar. Milk is used to make a thick paste of this mixture. The paste is held back into cracks and crevices where roaches can reach it but far enough so that children and pets cannot get it. But the most effective approach to eradicate and keep these cockroaches away from your home is a not pesticide-dependent approach but an Integrated Pest Control Management approach.

How to find out if your house is infested by cockroaches?

Looking for signs of cockroaches is not rocket science. The following are clear signs that you may already have cockroach infestation in your house:

Live cockroaches – this is the most obvious sign that your house is already infested. They are usually found around bathrooms and kitchens.

Droppings – black grainy droppings can be found in the cabinets and along the walls or routes that they travelled on.

Smear marks – where water is abundant, brown and irregular shaped smear marks will appear on horizontal surfaces and wall floor junctions.

Molted skin – evident of brownish skins can be found close to where they are breeding as immature cockroaches shed skins about 5-8 times when they mature to adult.

Egg cases – appear as small dark brown oval-shaped casings.

Damage – look for signs of damage on food packaging and organic goods including leather and books.

Unpleasant odor – a distinct musty smell when cockroaches present in large numbers.

How to prevent cockroaches from invading your home?

As it always true in many other areas, prevention is better than cure. The following are the things you can do to prevent cockroaches from invading your home:

Practice regular proper housekeeping – cockroaches like many other pests, hate clean spaces. If your house is clean all the time, you may most likely have solved your pest problem already.

Eliminate food sources – store dry foods in tightly sealed containers or in sealed plastic bags and do not leave food sitting out in open space.

Clear all waste food and spillage – clean up food debris from food preparation areas, under sinks and appliances. Empty the rubbish on a daily basis and keep all waste in covered bins.

De-clutter – remove old stacks of newspapers and magazines, unused cardboard boxes and all other forms of clutter from the floor or bottom of cupboards that may provide a hiding place for cockroaches.

Seal entry points – seal areas such as gaps around door, pipes and cracks to reduce cockroaches hiding place and access into your property.

In case your house is already infested with cockroaches, call Mr. Butler Home Services and our professional pest control technicians will be happy to help you take back your house from these pests. Mr. Butler Home Services uses an Integrated Pest Control Management approach wherein we use two or more strategies to solve pests in your home. We place very particular attention to everyone’s safety during our treatment programs and the effects to the environment.

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